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RND Concrete Coatings, Inc. the right choice for beautiful and stylish concrete in the Omaha and surrounding areas. Choose from epoxy, polyaspartic, and cement overlays to give your concrete the right look. RND Concrete Coatings is a registered contractor with the State of Nebraska. We are ready to tackle your personal or commercial projects. Free estimates always available.

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As Omaha's go-to choice for top notch concrete services, R N D Concrete Coatings Inc is proud to deliver everything from retaining walls to industrial concrete flooring for our local community.

When you work with R N D Concrete Coatings Inc, you're in good hands. Our professional team will treat your property the same way they would treat their own, producing only the best quality work at prices you can afford.

To find out how our talented team can improve your Omaha space, send us an email or call us at 402-708-2299.

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A Perfect Pour Every Time

Detail oriented and professional. We start projects when we say we will start and finish projects before we move on the the next one. We offer services for both commercial and residential.

Almost all commercial customers look to minimize downtime. At RND Concrete we have the products available to cut project time and the willingness to work all hours. Depending on the project we can prepare the floor, apply coating, and return the floor to service within 24 hours. Having the right equipment and products allows us to handle your commercial project in an efficient and timely manner.

Residential projects range from epoxy garage floors, basement staining, pool deck coatings, epoxy countertops, and concrete sealing and protecting. If you are looking to protect your investment in your home contact us for a free estimate.

Epoxy floors are extremely popular for beautifying and protecting your concrete surface. Numerous color combinations are available. Floors protected with epoxy/polyaspartic coatings provide years of long life and protect your concrete from the elements, including salt and road chemicals and other products you may in your garage, such as gasoline, oil, kerosene, brake fluid, just to name a few.

Concrete staining and polishing has become more popular in recent years. In this process the concrete is cleaned/and or profiled with a diamond grinder then stained with translucent stain that reacts with the concrete to provide a unique look. Once the stain is applied a seal coating is applied to protect the floor. Numerous options are available depending on the type of finish you prefer. If you prefer the look of polished concrete the process is similar, but no color is added to the floor.

Concrete is constantly under attack from the environment. Without going to the expense of applying epoxy or other coatings to concrete, sometimes it's best just to clean and seal the concrete. There are many different concrete sealers on the market. Some will not change the look of your concrete, some work internally, and some are topical solutions. Finding the right product for your concrete can be tough. Give us a call so we can discuss the best option for you.

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R N D Concrete Coatings Inc provides professional concrete service to a growing number of clients in the Omaha area and beyond.

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